Your Personal Stream Assistant for Glimesh

Setup Guide Glimesh RTMP Relay

The Glimesh RTMP relay allows you to stream to using RTMP instead of FTL. This allows for existing setups and systems to more easily stream to Glimesh.

If you can, you should stream to Glimesh using FTL, as it will give you the smallest possible delay, usually in the order of a few hundreds of milliseconds. Using this service you will likely experience a delay of around 1-3 seconds between the source and Glimesh.

We are providing this as a free, experimental service and provide no guarantees as to the stability, or longevity of this service. Please report any issues you experience in our discord.

This service is provided by Aircast LLP and by using it you agree to be bound by our terms of service available at, and we will handle any personal data as described in our privacy policy, available at

Setup Instructions

We have ingests available in San Francisco, New York, Amsterdam, and Singapore. Use the url below as the RTMP url. When connecting it will automatically route you to best ingest based on your location.


Your stream key is the same as your Glimesh stream key.

Example of the OBS stream settings using a Custom service

Encoding settings

Glimesh requires some specific encoding settings due to the way FTL works. This also applies to using this service. If you are experiencing any video stutters or other strange behaviour, make sure you are using these settings.

  • Baseline h264 profile
  • Maximum bitrate of 6000 Kbps
  • Set b-frames to 0 (this one is very important!)
  • Keyframe interval of 1 or 2
  • NVENC: disable look-ahead and psycho visual tuning.